It’s no secret that courting has taken a weird turn since the popularity of cell phones. These days, girls are wooed bnetflix-and-chill-condoms2y a “morning babe” text from her crush. Dating!? What does that mean anymore!? Now going on a date consists of meeting up at either persons house to watch TV, or more commonly, Netflix and chill. We all know what that leads to…
Remember in elementary school when your crush would pass you a note under the desk and you couldn’t help but notice the butterflies i your tummy? Where is that these days?
Cell phones have taken the genuine and innocent aspect out of dating. Some of my girl friends drop hints to their crush by adding them on snapchat or following them on Instagram or Twitter.In my opinion, that’s stupid. We are able to
hide behind our cell phones and dodge the difficult part of actually going up to someone and asking them on a date or just start a conversation, which is half the fun! We are missing the organic way of meeting someone and falling in love.girl-texting-hiding-behind-phone
543755-4188-43What sucks is that I’m being pretty hypocritical about this whole topic. I could not walk up to a guy and just start up a conversation. I feel like I’d be shot down because that is such an unpopular thing to do. It is easier to hop on my cell phone and pussyfoot around than actually getting some guts and walk up to a guy I think is cute. Which is sad! I wish it was easier than that.

How do we start to be genuine again and what does that look like? I will guarantee you, this will be my mission from now on. I want to help bring back real dating and not using crutches like social media and cell phones to help us out. Maybe I’ll walk up to my crush today. Wish me luck!