My whole life my parents instilled in my brain that after high school, I would attend college. There was really no choice in the matter, which I appreciate now. I know a lot of people who weren’t steered in that direction.keep-calm-and-have-a-girls-sleepover.png

I’ve always been a homebody and the thought of going away to college never settled well with me. I was the kid who never spent the night at other friends houses, they always came to mine. And if I did go to their house, I would never make it the whole night without my mom picking me up halfway through. The same even went for my aunt’s and grandma’s houses. I just like to be home, thats where I’m comfortable.images.jpeg

I attended Bellevue College for two years in high school doing running start. I was pretty comfortable with the classes and the environment which I know helped my journey to Central tremendously. But the thought of moving away from the west side of Washington, to the center of the state, really freaked me out.


What I was never told, was that it is completely okay to not miss home. Everyone just assumed that it would be difficult for me to leave home. As my fourth month here at Central Washington University just rolled around, I can honestly say that this is my new home. I left Bellevue feeling tentative and afraid. As soon as I got here, my troubles vanished.

I really believe that it’s important to tell kids like me that leaving home can be fun and exciting! Going away to college has been one of the most liberating times I’ve ever experienced in my 19 short years.


Personally Peterson